@prash ha detto in Conformità alle comunicazioni SMS:

Any SMS marketing compliance expert here? I was recently talking to owners of a startup about a tool that allows text to pay for live streaming purchase applications.
To place an order, the customer simply sends a text message with the item number to a phone number, and the phone number automatically returns a link to the payment page.
Additionally, platform users can add contact names / phone numbers of customers who have given verbal consent, and then those customers can be sent SMS links to product catalogs for purchase https://mobdro.bio/ https://kodi.bio/.
When I received the demo, the owners of this startup added me to their platform and then I received a link to a catalog via text, but the text did not include any opt in / opt out language nor a link to the privacy policy or similar .
I guess this doesn't exactly fall into SMS marketing, so I wonder how much they have to comply with those rules. some idea?

I got this,...