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    50% OFF vBulletin license discounts - only until December 2nd

    We are currently running a promotion featuring price discounts on both the downloaded and cloud versions of vBulletin. Between now and December 2, you can enjoy the following discounts:

    *50% off both new and upgrade licenses of self-hosted vBulletin licenses
    *50% off annual subscriptions to vBulletin Cloud

    (Offer details: The discounts on the downloaded product include either the standalone license or the version bundled with Mobile Suite. The vB Cloud discount can be used by new customers as well as current monthly customers, but does not apply to current annual subscriptions. The vB Cloud discount only applies to the first year, with subsequent years being billed at the normal prices.)

    To obtain these discounts simply go to vBulletin.com and when checking out use coupon code: ANNUAL502020 for 50% off annual subscriptions to vBulletin Cloud. Use code: VB50OFF2020 for 50% off both new and upgrade licenses of self-hosted vBulletin licenses.

    Please note, vB Cloud Monthly subscription customers must contact us directly in order to take advantage of the promotion.

    If you have any questions about these discounts, feel free to contact us at 877-326-6444 or [email protected].

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    Your vBulletin Customer Support Staff

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